Logo Design

We design and create professional Logos. Our prices are so affordable and deliver best and quality services to our clients. We design Wordmark, Lettermark, Brandmark, and Iconic Logos, all can either be in 2D or 3D. A well designed logo is an important part of your brand. It makes a strong impact on your brand's public perception. Logos are branding investments and are often described as the face of a business or company. Your one stop shop for company branding needs. Get a reliable & creative partner for your business logo needs. Talk to us and find out what we can offer you. With our creative designers you can never go wrong.

We design Logos for.

1. Private Companies
2. Public Companies
3. Product Brand
4. Schools
5. Churches
6. NGO's and etc.

If your company has no Logo you are welcome to contact us and will Design best Logo for you.

Logo type Price for 2D Price for 3D
Wordmark R150 R170
Lettermark R200 R250
Brandmark R350 R380
Iconic R400 R450

      Benefits of having Logo

      1. A logo gives your company an easily recognized visual symbol.
      2. It's Gives people consistent exposure to your brand.
      3. Develop a sense of trust in your company
      4. To attract more clients
      5. Promote brand Awereness
      6. Reduce Risk of being marked as spam
      7. To endear your company name to your clients.

    Before we begin to design your logo full amount need to be paid, it is refundable within 2 weeks.


    We promise to reach all your requirements and expectation as we did with all our previous and existing clients. What are you waiting for, contact us and start using the professional Logo for your company. As soon as you start using professional Logo your company will move to another level.


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E-mail: info@silverhost.co.za

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